Krosh Brokenchains

A former thief forced into the gladiator arena, Krosh awaits the day he can wreak vengeance on his captors.


Krosh Brokenchains Male Half-Orc Fighter 1 (XP: 0) Str: 18 (+4), Con: 12 (+1), Dex: 18 (+4), Int: 8 (-1), Wis: 12 (+1), Cha: 10 (+0)

Initiative: +7; Passive Perception: 11, Low-light Vision HP: 27, Surges: 11, Surge Value: 7 AC: 17, Fort: 16, Refl: 15, Will: 11 Speed: 6 (8 while Charging) AP: 1

Non-Power Abilities and Features When First Bloodied, Gain 5 Temp HP. When Attacking, may Mark UEoYNT (until end of your next turn). +1 to Opportunity Attacks. If Provoked by Movement, a Hit Ends the Movement.

At-Will Powers Combat Challenge: Interrupt when an Adjacent Mark Shifts or Attacks Not-You, +6 vs. AC; 1d8+6 Damage. Dual Strike: Two Attacks +6 vs. AC; 1d8+2 Damage each. Footwork Lure: +6 vs. AC; 1d8+6 Damage and Shift 1. May Slide Target into the space you just Vacated.

Encounter Powers Distracting Spate: +6 vs. AC; 2d8+10 Damage and Grants Combat Advantage to You UEoYNT. Furious Assault: On a hit, add 1d8 Damage as a Free Action.

Daily Powers Tempest Dance: +6 vs. AC; 1d8+6 Damage (1d8+10 with Combat Advantage). Effect: Shift 1 and repeat Attack against Second target. Then Shift 1 and repeat against Third target.

Skills: Athletics: +8, Endurance: +7, Intimidate: +6, Thievery: +6 (+8).

Feats: Two-Weapon Defense, Thirst for Battle.

Languages: Common, Giant. Alignment: Unaligned. Background: Criminal, Poor, First Generation.

Equipment: Leather Armor, 2x Scourge, Adventurer’s Kit, Climber’s Kit, Thieves’ Tools, 32g


Born to a human mother in a small city frequently ravaged by nearby orc tribes, Krosh learned early that the world is a harsh place where the only way to get what you want is to take it. He became an accomplished thief and bully. Eventually, his immature pride led him to steal from the local orc barbarians who demanded tribute from his city. He underestimated the orcs’ cunning, and they caught him red-handed.

After barely escaping his hometown, Krosh meandered from city to city taking what he could and leaving when things got too hot. He never stayed anywhere for more than a few months, and never interacted with others more than necessary.

After a time, Krosh arrived in Brokenkeep. Before he even had a chance to catch the notice of the Dark Knives of Zehir, he was captured while stealing from one of the Baron’s couriers. The guards, rather than slaying him outright, sent him to the Coliseum to be a slave/gladiator.

Now, Krosh is the gladiator that the crowd loves to hate. The xenophobic humans of Brokenkeep despise his bestial features and hulking body, and the cruel goblin minority bear a strong grudge against him for defeating one of their own in his first match. In short, everyone is watching and hoping to see him slain.

Krosh Brokenchains

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