Athis – Elf – Avenger 1

HP: 24 Healing Surges per Day: 7

AC: 18 F: 11 R: 15 W: 15

Str: 10 (+0) Dex: 18 (+4) Con: 10 (+0) Int: 12 (+1) Wis: 18 (+4) Cha: 10 (+0)

Speed:7 Low-Light Vision Languages: Common, Elven Deity: Erathis Skill Bonuses: Nature +2, Perception +2 Elven Weapon Proficiency Fey Origin, Group Awareness, Wild Step, Elven Accuracy Censure of Pursuit, Armor of Pursuit +4

Trained Skills: Religion, Acrobatics, Stealth, Thievery Feats: Improved Armor of Faith

At Will Powers: Bond of Pursuit, Overwhelming Strike

Encounter Powers: Oath of Enmity, Channel Divinity Abjure Undead or Divine Guidence, Angelic Alacrity

Daily Powers: Renewing Strike

Equipment: n/a

    • Censure of Pursuit
    • Avenger Feature
    • At-Will •
    • Free Action
    • Prerequisite: Target of Oath of Enmity moves away from you willingly
    • Effect: you gain a bonus to damage rolls against target equal to 2+Dex mod until the end of your next turn
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    • Bond of Pursuit
    • Avenger At-Will 1
    • When you attack, you utter a promise to follow your enemy if it tries to escape.
    • At-Will • Divine, Weapon
    • Standard Action
    • Melee weapon
    • Target: One Creature
    • Attack: Wisdom vs. AC
    • Hit: 1[W]+Wisdom modifier damage.
    • Effect: If the target doesn’t end its turn adjacent to you, you can shift a number of squares
    • Miss: equal to 1 + your Dex modifier as free action, and you must end that shift closer to the target.
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    • Overwhelming Strike
    • Avenger At-Will 1
    • As you attack, you maneuver around your foe, forcing it to move with you
    • At-Will • Divine, Weapon
    • Standard Action
    • Melee weapon
    • Target: One Creature
    • Attack: Wisdom vs. AC
    • Hit: 1[W] + Wisdom modifier damage.
    • Effect: You shift one square and slide the target one square into the space you occupied
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    • Elven Accuracy
    • Elf Racial Power
    • With an instant focus, you take careful aim at your foe and strike with the legendary accuracy of the elves.
    • Encounter •
    • Free Action
    • Personal
    • Effect: Reroll an attack roll. Us the the second roll, even if it is lower.
    • Created with’s DM Tools
    • Angelic Alacrity
    • Avenger Attack 1
    • You focus divine energy through your body to gain uncanny speed as you make your attack
    • Encounter • Divine, Weapon
    • Standard Action
    • Melee weapon
    • Special: Before you attack, shift 1 + Dexterity modifier squares
    • Target: One Creature
    • Attack: Wisdom vs. AC
    • Hit: 2[W] + Wisdom modifier damage.
    • Created with’s DM Tools
    • Channel Divinity: Divine Guidance
    • Avenger Feature
    • You lend your deity’s guidance to an ally’s attack against your foe.
    • Encounter • Divine
    • Immediate Interupt
    • Close burst 10
    • Trigger: An ally within 10 squares of you makes an attack roll against your oath of enmity target
    • Target: Triggering Ally
    • Effect: The target makes a second attack roll and uses either result.
    • Created with’s DM Tools
    • Channel Divinity: Abjure Undead
    • Avenger Feature
    • You send a brilliant ray of radiant power at an undead foe, compelling it to stagger toward you
    • Encounter • Divine, Impliment, Radiant
    • Standard Action
    • Close burst 5
    • Target: One Undead Creature in burst
    • Attack: Wisdom vs. Will
    • Hit: 3d10 damage+Wisdom modifier damage.
    • Effect: You pull the target 1+Wis mod squares. The target is immobilized until end of your next turn.
    • Created with’s DM Tools
    • Renewing Strike
    • Avenger Attack 1
    • You draw on your deity’s power to smite your foe with divine lightning and to heal your injuries.
    • Daily • Divine, Impliment, Lightning
    • Standard Action
    • Ranged 10
    • Target: One Creature
    • Attack: Wisdom vs. Reflex
    • Hit: 2d10+Wisdom modifier lightning damage.
    • Effect: You can spend a healing surge.
    • Miss: Half damage.
    • Created with’s DM Tools

“You’re old enough for bedtime stories aren’t you now, Athis?”


“Back centuries ago, there was a time where elven kingdoms ruled most of these lands, and the greatest of the elven kingdoms was called Elessedil. It was said that its capital city, Ellenroh, was made of the world’s most ancient and grandest trees. So great a piece of art was this city, it was customary for young elves to make a pilgrimage to visit and see its wonder. “

“Can I make the pilgrimage?” asked young Athis.

“No, dear, you are but a small child not a young elf and, anyways, you don’t want to go there now.” replied his mother.

“Why not?”

“It is said a disease struck the ancient forest, destroying the city and leaving it in ruins. Everything from that era is long past, but the disease of Ellenroh was the start of it all. But that story isn’t a bedtime story, let me tell you about the city that was and the noble and good elves that ruled…”

Athis fell asleep that night to vivid description of Ellenroh of old and its rulers. These were the last words his mother ever spoke to him. When Athis rose in the morning he found his parents stabbed to death in their beds.

The next five years of Athis’s life were spent on the unruly city streets scrounging and stealing food as he could. The story his mother told him stayed with him and a desire to make the pilgrimage to the ruins of Ellenroh grew. Athis had only look to either side of the street to see how short life could be, so as soon as he could barely qualify as young elf, Athis left his home city to search for Ellenroh.

Athis didn’t know where Ellenroh was on a map all he had was name and a description of old. In his travels, Athis ran into a few elves in every city he visited, but none recognized the name Ellenroh. They told him it must have been a fairy tale and probably never existed.

One night as Athis prepared to meditate in a vacant horse stall, an elf he had never met before appeared at the opening.

“I hear you’re looking for Ellenroh.”

This was how Athis met his mentor Faral. She took Athis under her wing, trained him in martial arts, and inducted him into secret organization that became Athis’s life.

Faral said her organization, H’yeal (elvish for “dominion”), sent her to find Athis and she didn’t know where Ellenroh was located. Athis put aside his plans for a pilgrimage to train and aid this organization set on rebuilding an elven kingdom. While Faral was off on dangerous missions for H’yeal, Athis was left at a small secluded church to Erathis where Faral correctly guessed Athis would fit in well.

Faral’s training was intermittent and Athis soon found added strength through prayer, which he mixed in with his martial skills. Athis also learned a little of H’yeal. Faral received her orders by magical sending, so Athis never saw another member during his training, but Faral told him a few code words “stone” for capture, “sky” for under attack, and “cloud” to refuse aid in case Athis should need to try and pass word to a member in a time of duress. The H’yeal’s goal was to grow a new elven kingdom, which required a complicated plan (referred to as “The Plan”) known in full only by a few members. The splinter cell structure of membership and information is fundamental to success in such a hostile environment, Faral asserted.

In a short two years Athis mastered the skills and battle prowess associated with an Avenger in service of Erathis. Faral then came to Athis and asked if he truly wanted to member of H’yeal and would risk his life for the success of The Plan. Athis said he would.

That very night a cloaked elf knocked on his door in the temple.

“You wish to become a member of H’yeal” asked the elf shrouded in shadows.

“I do” replied Athis.

“Then, because of Faral’s recommendation, I will tattoo you with our symbol. This is a magical tattoo which will allow you to recognize our symbol on other members as well as show nonmembers a different image. Where would you like yours and what would you like others to see?”

“I would like mine on the outside of my left for-arm. Others should see the symbol of Erathis.”

The secret ritual took one hour to complete. The dim candle light required to read the ritual scroll gave Athis a glimpse of the elve’s face. The left side was badly burned, to the point of sever disfiguration.

Once the ritual was complete, the elf said to Athis, “You will never speak of this ritual to anyone except to bestow it on another. Goodbye and may The Plan succeed.”

The next morning Athis ate breakfast with Faral, whose right shoulder tattoo of a maple leaf had transformed into a symbol of H’yeal.

“What now?” Athis asked.

“You’re on your own now, our training is over. Your free to do as you will until you’re contacted with orders. The code word to verify your first order is ‘teatime’. Will you resume your quest for Ellenroh?”


By noon Athis prayed to Erathis, closed his eyes, and picked a direction at random.

Two weeks later Athis arrived in Brokenkeep.


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