Blood Star

July 28th Session

20gp and signate ring of dagger and jade gem from dead rogue body as well as short sword (taken by storm). In sewers, we searched for a way out, or up, in the westerly direction.

Go to an inn in between in southwestern hex of city. Inn is called The Thirsty Lauger. 4gp total for room and board.

Rat messenger, the rat is instructed to seek out the baron and rely the message that there is a rat amongst the members of your court.

sleep the night away successfully.

Another night payed for at the Thirsty Lauger. Make way to East Gate, Guards at Colosseum not making any effort. Go into the goblin district and see group of goblins in the Goats Horn.

Go to old city and tail cultists. Athis knows cultist in westgate in Appletree rooms, room 14.

May 15th Session

Game Story: It was a blustery day, with strong winds coming in from the west. The day was the first day of the month associated with the blood star.

Early afternoon greeted our intrepid characters with guards pulling us off the street and out of taverns and escorting them to the resident colosseum. While this was what might be termed “fishy” behavior, our characters complied to avoid alienating themselves from the local government.

As Ku entered the colosseum, he noticed the separation of species and grew wary of the situation. Using his great stealth skills, Ku slipped past his guards and up to the balconies with human commoners.

Unfortunately Ku’s size wasn’t serving him well in his attempt to blend in the crowd. A guard approached him to question his presence, but Ku pulled another ace card from up his sleeve, channeling the intimidating spirits of gladiators past, Ku sent the guard onto his heels and back to minding his own business.

The ceremony got underway, with the chief priest giving a speech related to the Blood Star. This speech displeased Athis.

... [story not complete]

Ending Game Play Notes:

Storm 13 HPs, Athis 12 HPs, Ku 21 HPs Encounter Powers used: Speak with Spirits (?)

Storm + Athis + Krosh in hallway exiting the arena Ku at bottom of stairs in exit from stands, distracting two guards at top of stairs with Spirit Creature.

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