This city is the capital of the Lowlands and it is here that the Baron holds court. The Baron’s castle is the ancient keep that gives the town its name. No one knows how old the structure is; it certainly pre-dates the empire of Nerath that held sway over this region before the rise of the Blood Star.

The ancient keep and the restored stone ruins around it form what locals call the Old City. The Baron’s troops and lackeys now use these buildings, one of which is the city prison. The other wards are named for the gates in the wooden pallisade surrounding the city: Westgate, Southgate, and Eastgate.

Westgate contains mostly homes and boarding houses of shopkeepers and loggers, farmers, and ranchers who work just outside the city. This ward is also home to the temple district. These temples have been built from stones salvaged from the ruins of the Old City.

The entire ward of Southgate centers around the Southgate Market. This large square fills with traveling merchants and their mercenary guards. Despite the presence of so many armed humanoids, thieves abound. Many permanent shops and inns ring the open market. North of the market, at the very center of the city, lies the home of the city’s guilds, including the former guildhall of the Dark Knives of Zehir.

Eastgate remains the lower-class ward of Brokenkeep. Here one may find slaves, taverns, gambling halls, brothels, dream dust dens, and the great stone Coliseum, where all sorts of gory entertainment may be had. After nightfall, the air of Eastgate fills with the noise of drunken laborers. The Baron’s soldiers patrol in packs and often attack lone goblins rather than actively subdue criminals.

The population of Brokenkeep is mostly human with a sizable goblin minority. These goblins live in the slums of Eastgate and serve as a cheap labor force for the dwarven businesses that finish raw goods brought in from the surrounding countryside. The dwarves themselves make up a very small, but wealthy, minority of the population.

Many cells of the Blood Cult of Hakkar exist in this city. Lately they have been operating in the open with the Baron’s approval.


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